Watch Dawn in Action

Lucky you!  Below are plenty of chances to see Dawn doing her thing.  Knock yourself out!  Oh, and check back often.  More Dawn is always on the way.


The Place Where You Live - Nina


This Could Be You and A Conversation with Mad Maxine - Mad Maxine


"Snoozer" - Woman - Kwik Trip


Road Warrior - Jane - Travel Leaders


Mosquitonado - woman - Terminix - Pixel Farm


Tele ICU - Jayne Renner - Handstand Productions, LLC - Windley


Gordman's Spring 2012 G Team - Perfume Sales Clerk - Screenscape


Fairview Clinics "Care That Fits Your Life"


 "All Natural Eggs - Land O'Lakes"  (As mom and the hand model)


Once Upon a Child 2010 series:


"Fall Testimonial - Mall of America"


‘Re: Your Brains’ Music Video - Human/Zombie - Jonathan Coulton - Stitler/Kudalis


"Special effects demo - Make" (work in progress)


The Bestest Weekend Ever! - Running Woman and Connie Mark II (voice over) - CONvergence, 2010


Memorex Pop-up Dance Party - mom in green coat


"Pepito's/Parkway Theater" - principal


"It's the Holocaust, Baby!"  (A note about this one for you.  This is shot in the style of the fabulous Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Dawn is SUPPOSED to be bad.)


"The Accident"