What Others Have to Say

Dawn is more than happy to tell you how great she is, but why take her word for it?  Check out these comments from those she's worked for.


"Dawn was a true professional during production of our spot.  She made my job easier, because I didn't really have to tell her too much.  She was a natural and made it look easy.  She was even a trooper, learning a few new hand modeling skills!  She has no ego issues, she worked hard, and [she] hung in there all day on a very hot set.  If I'm ever looking for a blue-eyed red head, we won't even have to hold a casting session... I'll just contact Dawn!"

Roger Sackett,
Director/DP Evergreen Pictures, LLC

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"Just wanted to let you know it was a pleasure to work with you [Dawn].  I appreciated your preparation, skill and your clever wit!"
Greg Windley
Handstand Productions, LLC
(Tele ICU)



"In my experiences with Dawn, she's demonstrated first rate talent and professionalism, both in working from a script and improvising around a scripted framework. I had the pleasure of directing her on an animation project where Dawn's voicework brought two deliberately similar-sounding characters to life, and thanks to Dawn's performance there is never any doubt which character you're hearing. Dawn is a pleasure to work with, and I'd be happy to make her a part of any project in the future. 

Christopher Jones
Director of Publications



"You are lucky.  Dawn is a talent and another rare thing - A pro.  She is easy to work with; charming and talented.  I hired her to be in a new show and she exceeded expectations.  She brought more to the role than the playwright expected and was easy to direct.  Highly recommended."

Dave Walbridge
Director, Phantom's Feast II



"Dawn is a total pro on the set, ready to improvise, and a cheerful, positive force."

Bill Stiteler,
Writer/Director "THACO" and "MacBeth: TVGR"

(It's the Holocaust, Baby!, The Bestest Weekend Ever!, Re: Your Brains’ Music Video)



"A delight to work with. Professionalism with a spark! After working with Dawn for the first time I knew I wanted her involved with my future projects."

Mike P. Nelson


(Special effects demo, Hands voiceover, The Retirement of Joe Corduroy, Target)




"As an actress, Dawn is reliable, adaptable, fast on her feet, and fun to work with. Her acting is emotive, and sells the character."

Ryan Hellion,
Ice Park City Productions
Producers of Ghostbustin911!